Walls of Disney!

As we all know there are tons of hidden gems all over Disney parks, but one of my personal favorites is all the different walls of Disney. Can you really take a Disney trip without getting a perfect Instagram in front of one of the amazing walls? The best part of walls of Disney to me is that almost every time I go to the parks I’m finding a new wall to take a chic picture in front of. Whether you want an Instagram worthy picture or just a cute background you cannot go wrong with the walls of Disney.

Here is just a few of my favorite walls of Disney (east coast style)

 Magic Kingdom

The Purple wall


The Punize Wall


The Neverland Wall


Animal Kingdom

Fichwa?! Fellow Wall


We are all children of the world Wall


You are most beautiful Wall



The Bubblegum Wall


The Blueberry Wall


The Toothpaste Wall



These are just a few of the amazing walls of Disney! Half of the fun in taking pictures in front of these walls is finding them! Ps. I can’t wait to find new walls in Toy Story Land!

What are some of your favorite walls of Disney?!

-Fairytale Adventurer


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