Four parks ONE day!

Ok so who’s up for the four parks one day challenge?! I have done this several times. Always with a completely different plan. There’s a couple reasons why someone would want to do all four parks in one days. The reasons range from you are only going to be in town for one day and want to get as much done as possible. To you want to ride your favorite rides from each park that day. It is always fun yet exhausting to take on all four parks. This past week I recently did it. I set out to get up early and start first thing in the morning. The order of which I did the parks were Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. I always like to either end up at Epcot or Magic Kingdom as those are my favorite parks. When it comes to making fast passes I make them for the first thing in the morning, and once I redeem them I will make evening ones for my last park. ( BUT if you have a favorite ride you just have to go on you should make it for that ride)

A few tips that will help you on your journey:

  1. expect set backs & embrace changes in plans
  2. my disney experience app will be a life saver
  4. bring a change of shoes or clothes / OR dress accordingly
  5. HAVE FUN!
  6. End the day at your favorite nighttime show

After you finish your journey of all four parks in one day you will be exhausted yet so happy you took the journey. No matter how tired I am or how many times I questioned why I wanted to do all parks in one day. I always look back on my day and think about how much fun I had!

How many of you have taken on all four parks in one day? What tips can you share?!

-Fairytale Adventurer





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