20 signs of a disney addict

Heres 20 signs that you just might be a Disney addict:

  1. You go all the time yet still get extremely excited every time you enter any of the parks.
  2. You know the monorail monologue. You even know it in Spanish. ( ¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!)
  3. You see Hidden Mickeys EVERYWHERE
  4. Map? who needs one! Of course you know how to navigate all the parks.
  5. There are rides you reserve just for rest times (the PEOPLEMOVER)
  6. You own Mickey ears for just about every occasion.
  7. You know all the best times to go to the parks and when to avoid because of the crazy crowds.
  8. When people tell you they have never been to Disney, your heart breaks a little.
  9. You have a favorite park snack (HEELLLOOO mickey bars and popcorn)
  10. You’re totally ok with going to the parks and not riding a single ride.
  11. You have to reframe from signing along with Wishes or the festival of fantasy parade so you don’t ruin the experience for everyone.
  12. You love to help people who have never been to Disney World plan their vacation.
  13. You love being at the park when its raining because its less crowded ( & you know FL rain showers only last a few minutes anyways)
  14. You notice when something changes at a ride.
  15. When Magic Kingdom feels like your second home.
  16. You speak Disney ( MK, ADRs, DAK, TTC)
  17. You get jealous when someone you know is at Disney even though you were just there 3 days ago..
  18. People ask you for advice about Disney because they assume you are an expert by now.
  19. You love sharing Disney world facts.
  20. No matter how many times you have visited Disney World you still consider it the most magical place on earth.

What’s so wrong with being a Disney addict anyways?  Who else is a disney addict?!

– Fairytale Adventurer.


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