Festival of the Arts

With today being the last day of Epcot’s international Festival of the Arts I thought I would tell you guys some of my favorite things about the festival, and rumors I have heard about what’s to come next year.

Let’s start out with some of my favorite’s about this festival. Hands down for me what stole the show was the broadway series. All of the performers were amazing leaving me ready to go see one of Disney’s broadway plays. Two new plays that they announced that would be coming to a city near you were Frozen, and Aladdin. Another thing that was really great and different about this festival is they had many different ways to be interactive with the art. My favorite being the huge paint my numbers mural. Speaking of that a few cast members have said they think Disney might use some of those murals to display during next years festival. I also loved all the picture frames you could take pictures in bringing the art to life. Each weekend they had different workshops and seminars one of which included painting with a Disney artist. They also had different artist appearances all throughout the weekend. It was cool to see the artists painting or drawing something live.

With the festival of the arts behind us that means my all time favorite festival is near, the Flower and Garden Festival! I can’t wait! This festival starts March 1st and runs all the way till May 29th.

What was your favorite part of the festival of the arts? Leave in the comments below.

-Fairytale Adventurer


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