Run Disney

With the Walt Disney World’s Marathon weekend recently passed, and The Princess Half- Marathon weekend quickly approaching I thought it was a perfect time to do a post about experiencing a Run Disney event, and some tips to surviving the whole process!

I am fairly new to the Run Disney world with my first race just being a year ago, which was the 2016 Princess 5k! Since than I have participated in one other race weekend being the Wine and Dine weekend. First things first a run Disney race is the most fun race I have ever participated in, and it is the only event that can get me up at 4am to go run. The worst part of the whole process is the dreaded sign up day. When the clock strikes 12 noon you and thousands of others are all on a race to get into the race you want. Challenges usually fill up first. My tips for this is if you are racing with a bunch of friends or family have everyone sign themselves up. I have tried to sign my whole family up for one race and while it was possible it was super hard and stressful, and everything got mixed up when it came time to pick up our race packets. Another tip is if you are an annual passholder they usually have early sign up dates so make sure you look out for those dates!

So you have conquered the sign up, and got into the races! Wahhooo it’s race weekend time. It is also Expo time this is my second favorite thing about a race weekend. The expo has so many different things to offer from a lot of vendors, official race merchandise (my fav) , speaker series, and so much more! How do you navigate all this? First pick up your packet before you even go into the expo. There will be plenty of photo opts, and some merchandise. Once you have done this you will head over to the expo which is huge! Definitely give yourself plenty of time to explore all the booths this expo has to offer.

RACE DAY! If you are anything like me you are going to wake up and wonder why you would ever sign up for anything this early. (am I sure I want to do this?) That moment you walk up to the “pre race party” you get this boost of excitement. It is hard to describe how one becomes so excited to run a race. It is finally time I cross over the start line and at this point I am totally full blown into it. Everyone is so excited cheering for others to keep going. There are TONS of character photo stops! Many characters that aren’t always in the parks so take advance of those. At each water stop there are many volunteers cheering you on which defiantly gives me a little boost. I can see the finish line, cross over it, and receive the highly coveted Run Disney medal. I’m already thinking to myself when is sign up for the next race.

The atmosphere of a Run Disney race is like none other. It is such a positive race for all different levels of runners. Whether you are running your first 5k or, are running your 10th half marathon it is fun for all. I promise you will have such an amazing time leaving you ready for the next! Even if you aren’t a runner you can still sign up to be apart of the chEAR squad which is also fun! BIGGEST TIP HAVE SO MUCH FUN& TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS

So who’s ready to sign up for their first or next Run Disney race?!

-Fairytale Adventurer


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